Research & Innovation

At Blenheim, research development and innovative service delivery are integral parts of who we are and the work we do. Read on to find out about the importance of our research and innovation in practice.


Research is an important part of the work we do at Blenheim to promote and share evidence based best practice.

We collaborate with academic institutions and external experts in the field to develop and undertake bespoke research. This enables us to build and contribute to a body of original research, extend our understanding of effective practice in substance misuse and to inform and direct our services in the future.

If you would like to discuss a research project or opportunity please get in touch with the Business Development Unit on or 020 7582 2200.


We pride ourselves on innovative service delivery and research development.

Our wide range of community services allows us to develop a strong research base for our interventions:

Blenheim regularly publishes research and reports on the subject of drug and alcohol treatment. We feel strongly about the importance of developing addiction policy and treatment in the UK and reducing the stigma surrounding alcohol and substance misuse problems in our society.

For a full list of our publications please click on our Research Reports.


DARTT one to one

Blenheim have developed an exciting new Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Treatment Tool (DARTT).

The DARTT provides staff, volunteers and service users with a visual and interactive representation of drug and alcohol treatment within the context of a behaviour change model and ‘Medications in Recovery’.

For more information please click on our DARTT page.