Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Treatment Tool (DARTT)

The DARTT provides staff, volunteers and clients with a visual and interactive representation of drug and alcohol treatment within the context of a behaviour change model.

Blenheim have developed an innovative Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Treatment Tool (DARTT). Building on John Strang’s ‘Medications in Recovery: Re-orientating Drug Dependence Treatment’ (2012), the DARTT is a practical aid designed to capture the treatment and recovery framework that we work within.

The DARTT is designed to be used by both new and experienced practitioners. It can aid discussions with clients, staff and managers in planning interventions and recovery, as it provides a framework for recovery focused discussions. The DARTT also captures the range of treatment options available.

There are no rules for how much or how little it should be used, however we believe it can be a helpful additional treatment planning tool. To find out more about the DARTT and how it is used in practice, please watch this short video.

At Blenheim we have launched the DARTT across all our adult treatment services, supported by a training package. We are looking forward to working with health and social care providers across the sector in rolling out this new tool to support improved practice.

We are offering a one day DARTT training package, with all delegates receiving a free DARTT wheel. The training includes:

·         An introduction to the DARTT

·         Phasing and layering treatment

·         Case studies showing how to use the DARTT

·         Working within a behaviour change model

Bespoke training is also available upon request. Alternatively, if you are interested in trying out the DARTT for yourself you can purchase the DARTT from our online shop.

For further information about the DARTT please download the DARTT Flyer or you can contact the Business Development Unit on bdu@blenheimcdp.org.uk or 020 7582 2200.