Recovery Stories

A family story

12-18 February 2017 marks Children of Alcoholics week, a campaign led by Nacoa, (National Association for Children of Alcoholics) to raise awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems. Here at Blenheim we provide support to drug and alcohol users, as well as their family and carers. Our family service based in Islington helps children, […]

Ian’s Story

Giving up cocaine was hard enough to imagine but I thought I’ve have more chance of dating Beyoncé than living without cannabis. I try not to think too much about the horrible things I’ve done and the people I’ve hurt along the way. Let’s just say that I was a nasty piece of work. I’d […]

Charlie’s Story

Being taken into care when I was 13 was the happiest time of my life. After 3 years of being sexually abused by my step dad, it was a relief to just feel safe. I only met my real dad a few times when mum took us to see him in prison before she remarried. […]

Madhuri’s Story

My name is Madhuri which in Gujurati means sweet girl. I am 29 years old and have a son who is just two and a half named Saadi which means happy. My life was sweet and happy and Blenheim are helping me to make it sweet and happy again. I arrived in England four years […]

Frank’s Story

I have been meaning to do something about my drinking for 37 years now. I do believe that 2014 will be the year that I finally bid farewell to my lifelong trusted companion, who’s name is Alcohol (in case you hadn’t figured that out) and move on. Why now you may ask? I don’t know […]

Mel’s Story

The first time I ever took drugs will be my last. My 18th birthday present from my best mate was a homemade chocolate cake decorated with ecstasy pills. We were going to a new club in the West End and my mates from college had chipped in to get us a table with Champagne and […]