Recovery Street Film Festival

Organised by a consortium of treatment providers including Blenheim, Phoenix Futures, CGL and Turning Point, supported by Public Health England, the Recovery Street Film Festival aims to celebrate and promote recovery from substance use. At the heart of the festival is the desire to challenge and change public perceptions about substance use. 

Reducing drug related deaths

We believe that to reduce alcohol and drugs related deaths and illnesses a co-ordinated harm reduction strategy needs to be prioritised by relevant structures across all four UK nations.

The Charter for Change

Blenheim is part of the Drugs, Alcohol & Justice Cross-Party Parliamentary Group which provides an interface for professional providers of drug and alcohol treatment with parliamentarians of all parties who share an interest in these issues. The Group holds regular meetings in Parliament and is professionally coordinated by Union Services parliamentary consultancy. We seek to […]

Recovery Stories

Blenheim is committed to actively campaign on behalf of people stigmatised by alcohol and drug use by actively presenting people with drug and alcohol problems in a more positive light rather than characterising them by their drug of choice and how they consume it.

Hep C – Test, Treat, Cure

Blenheim is at the centre of the growing demands for action concerning the failure to treat those with hepatitis C. We are involved in an emergent strategy to support, facilitate and enable those focusing on hepatitis C to achieve the best possible outcomes.