Volunteer Training

At Blenheim we care about supporting our staff and volunteers in the important jobs they do. We will work with you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to have a positive impact, so that you feel confident volunteering with us.

Our training provides a great opportunity to develop your awareness around drugs and alcohol and to get to know our other volunteers. We look at how drugs and alcohol can impact on individuals and communities. We also focus on the psychosocial interventions we use and the treatment options that are available.

The topics we explore in our volunteer training are:

Volunteer Corporate Induction

We will introduce you to the organisations vision, mission and values with guest presenters from the Central Office Team.

Boundaries and Communication Skills

We explore the importance of maintaining professional boundaries and look at techniques and guidelines to achieve this. As well as how to be an effective communicator, including speaking and listening skills, body language and dealing with difficult situations.

Drug Awareness

We build your knowledge of a variety of drugs and their effects, also learning about addiction, tolerance, withdrawal and overdose.

Alcohol Awareness and Brief Interventions

We look at the problems of alcohol abuse and develop your awareness of the physical and mental effects of alcohol, and the interventions available.

Assessment and Risk Screening

We build your awareness of the reasons why and how to carry out an assessment and risk assessment with a client.

Planning Towards Recovery

We look at theprinciples of recovery and effective recovery planning, including how to write client-centered SMART goals.