Getting drunk is not a game

london-ambulanceLondon Ambulance Service is running a powerful alcohol awareness campaign to show what impact alcohol-related calls have on other patients in the capital, particularly over the holiday period.

As a charity that provides support to drug and alcohol users, their family and carers, Blenheim is proud to support the cause for sensible drinking and understanding the risks of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol-related calls are the most common need for an ambulance among 21-30 year olds across London. Startling statistics from the emergency services show London Ambulance Service responded to over 6,000 alcohol-related incidents last December, making up seven per cent of all ambulance call outs for the month.

Their campaign illustrates how people who have drunk so much they are collapsed and unconscious often have to take top priority as paramedics rush to treat and leave other patients, such as an elderly faller, waiting longer.

This is because a collapsed or unconscious person takes priority over the majority of other patients as their condition could be potentially life-threatening. It’s not possible to tell over the phone whether they have a serious illness or injury or have simply had too much to drink.

whattops3Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s celebrations, sometimes it can be easy to get carried away with drinking and put yourself and others in danger.

On our website you can find useful factsheets for information on alcohol, or read our great blog for top non-alcoholic alternatives to your favourite tipples.

To keep safe, make sure you:

  • Eat a meal before going out and drink responsibly. It’s sensible to space out alcoholic intake by having a soft drink in between
  • Look after friends and colleagues and stick together
  • Before you go out make sure you know how you are getting home at the end of the night
  • Check public transport timetables and have the number of a reputable taxi company in case neededwhat-tops

Dr Fenella Wrigley, Medical Director at London Ambulance Service said:

“We launched our latest campaign ‘Getting drunk is not a game’ in the hope of educating people on the impact that excessive drinking can have on our other patients.

“We want Londoners to have a great time during this party season but, we also need them to look after themselves and their friends. Too often over the festive season, our crews can spend much of their night caring for people who are vomiting, violent or unconscious after a night out drinking, leaving them unable to respond to other emergencies.”

As part of the campaign, London Ambulance Service are providing tips and advice on social media throughout December, so that party goers can look after themselves and their friends as they enjoy their night out.

For more information please visit or follow the campaign on social media using #NotAGame.

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