Interning at Blenheim – Twenty First Days

Jillian joined Blenheim as an intern on the Global Experiences program. At the halfway mark of her summer in London, Jillian shares her experience working for the Marketing & Communications team at Blenheim’s central office.

My plan was to write a blog post which offered an inside look into the routine and responsibilities of a Marketing and Communications intern at Blenheim’s central office. However, after only one week on the job I quickly realized that there is no such thing as a routine when it comes to working in communications, and that’s one of my favourite things!

Now I’m halfway through my two months interning at Blenheim, and the wide variety of tasks that I’ve been responsible for has only continued to grow day by day. In the four short weeks since I arrived I have scheduled countless social media posts, written quite a few news stories on a range of topics, sat in on a couple interviews, and attended six different meetings, including one all day Public Sector Show.

Rather than doing mindless tasks like you hear in internship horror stories, I’ve been welcomed with open arms and made to feel like part of the Marketing and Communications team from the very start. All of the responsibilities I’ve been given have allowed me to practise communication skills and test out ideas in real time, and learn about the non-profit sector first-hand.

Each day feels like my first day all over again, and I look forward to work every morning because I never know what new task will come up. Although there’s only twenty first days left, I know that there’s still so much more left to learn from Blenheim and the Marketing and Communications team that I will be able to take home with me and put to good use in whatever job comes next.

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  1. Joan Leader says:

    Hi, Jillian… We haven’t formally met, but I love your mom and I feel as i I already know you. I love your blog and am delighted that you’re experiencing such a great internship! Enjoy every moment of each precious day! Big hugs from Grandy!

  2. Susan Daigle says:

    Great Post.

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