Overcoming Addiction: Victor’s story

Victor originally came to Blenheim for support overcoming a crack cocaine addiction, and now volunteers and is a peer mentor with us.

To celebrate National Writing Day 2017, he’s written a piece for us about how addiction feels, and coming out the other side.Victor2

The journey from crack to sobriety was nothing but pain. Each day was a battleground, littered with hurdles that seemed insurmountable.

Many a day I hung my head in shame, my mind a minefield of despair. My whole being was invaded by the tentacles of addiction, pulling me into the abyss of destruction. I was a slave to the drug and devoid of what I craved: love and self-esteem. But my need for this verminous beast was insatiable.

Freedom emerged by way of a brother who cared. When I entered treatment it was a rocky road full of pitfalls and obstacles which barred my way into sunlit pastures.  Blenheim taught me coping mechanisms and strategies to withstand those cravings, and eventually a ray of light penetrated. The steps were small at first but, with a newly found resilience and the encouragement from Blenheim, I embarked upon my recovery journey.

That was three years ago.

Recovery is now an achievable goal that has to be nurtured to be realised, however it is the most worthwhile journey an addict can ever undertake.

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