Club Drugs and Chemsex

The training covers emerging trends in club drugs and new or novel psychoactive substances. The course covers the former culture in terms of the rise of internet sites, ‘Head’ shops selling ‘Legal Highs’, and the impact that the new legislation that came into force in 2016 has had. The second day builds on the general knowledge of basic neuro-science and the drugs themselves to examine in detail the rise of Chemsex – the attraction and accompanying risks.

Overall, the two days cover:

  • Emerging trends and risks
  • The Law
  • The drugs and their effects
  • Who uses them?
  • Current research findings
  • Political response
  • Harm reduction
  • Chemsex trends and impact
  • What’s next? Looking at where we can expect the legal revolution to go in terms of new ways to get ‘high’

‘Cutting edge’

‘Excellent knowledgeable trainers’

‘Best training I’ve been to so far!’

‘Very good – would recommend to staff’

‘The training was cleverly pitched at all levels. I enjoyed the variety of methods’




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