Work experience at Blenheim

This week Blenheim central office was joined by Sophia, a student on a work experience placement. Here she gives her thoughts about what she gained from the experience and how it can help her in her future career.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your course?

My name is Sophia and I’m 16 years old, and I study at Ealing green college. I’m studying a 2 year media course called Creative Media Level 3. I worked at Blenheim for a week for work experience as a part of a module in my course.

What have you done on your work experience?

At Blenheim I was asked to:


A self portrait I made using Illustrator

  • Use Microsoft excel to write a list of names and emails of people that are interested in Blenheim.
  • Research websites for different awareness and charitable events coming up in the year.
  • Create a research paper on different drug and alcohol websites and compare them to the Blenheim website.
  • Create posters for the Blenheim social media accounts promoting different awareness days.
  • Film the CEO of Blenheim thanking volunteers that are starting soon.
  • Edit the footage using iMovie.

What have you learnt at Blenheim?

What I’ve learnt at Blenheim is how to work in an office and gaining confidence in an office environment. I’ve learnt the purpose and role of marketing and communication in an organisation. I also now know how to use the program Microsoft excel.

Has this made you think about the different career options open to you?

Working here has made my think of the different career paths that are out there that I didn’t know about. I’ve also learnt that I have skills to offer employers like working editing programmes.

How will this be useful for your future career?

This will be useful to my future career by knowing how an office runs and how to work well and communicate with others in the office.

What have you enjoyed most about the experience?

The people at Blenheim are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. I enjoyed that I got to use what I was studying and my skill set to help create the welcome video to the volunteers. Overall this has been a useful and fun experience.

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