A New Beginning, A New Opportunity

Brooke joined Blenheim as an intern at the start of spring and will be with us until June. Below, she shares her experience of what it means to her to be a foreign intern for the Communications and Marketing team located at Blenheim’s central office.

Starting a new position can be daunting for many people. Often, there is that voice in the back of your head, whispering just loud enough to rattle your bones a bit, and saying, “What if you cannot do this?” Now, imagine starting anew in a foreign country more than ten hours away from all that you know. Before I started my two and a half month internship with Blenheim, the voice in my head was more of a shout than a whisper, and admittedly, I was nervous to begin this new chapter of my life. However, after my first full day working for this extraordinary charity, under the wing of the Marketing and Communications team at Blenheim’s central office, I was unquestionably sure of two things. One, I was surrounded by people eager and willing to work hard to make a difference, and two, the voice in my head became the actual voices of the people in Blenheim’s central office cheering me on and supporting me.

I am humbled by the confidence my supervisors have shown in me by entrusting me with an array of tasks (sometimes more than I can count!) and do not doubt that as I continue to work and learn, tasks assigned to me concerning the marketing and communication aspects of Blenheim will grow in number. Although, again, at times this can seem quite intimidating, it pales in comparison to the excitement I feel when completing even what one may consider a simple task, knowing I have helped the organisation. Within a few short weeks, I have had the opportunity to work on projects for Blenheim that have taught me more about marketing and the importance of maintaining public relations than I ever could have learned while sitting in a classroom. I am beyond thankful to have this chance to learn new skills through not only being mentored by those who have the experience in the marketing and communication field but also by completing the tasks myself; and yes, maybe even failing and trying again a time or two.

It is truly a fantastic feeling to work with others who also share a drive to help others within such a warm and welcoming environment like the one I have found in Blenheim. I have come to appreciate that, like London itself, Blenheim is full of diverse people with a variety of personalities and skill-sets; yet, somehow it all comes together to fit perfectly. And that voice in my head? It says to me daily, “You can do this.”

With absolute confidence, I highly recommend to all that wish to engage with an organisation as wonderful and accepting as Blenheim to check out the job, volunteering, and interning opportunities they offer.



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