Blenheim, CDP and CASA celebrated 50 years of social action in 2014. All three charities have a shared history of working with those facing social exclusion through drug and alcohol problems, which are compounded by poverty, deprivation and a lack of opportunity.

1964 – The Blenheim Project was born in West London in response to the number of young homeless people in the Notting Hill area.

1968 – CDP (Community Drug Project) was born in South London in response to the increasing number of people injecting drugs in Camberwell.

1977 – CASA (the Camden Alcoholics Support Association) was born after recognising the need for a service focusing on the needs of people with drinking problems.

We do not apologise for seeming to be difficult at times, as we have campaigned for dignified treatment, sensible policy and struggled to get the finances needed to respond to the needs of local communities, families and individuals.

We are very proud of our impact on mainstream drug and alcohol treatment delivery and of all our achievements so far. With these accomplishments in mind, we are looking forward to another 50 years of dynamic social action.

Read more about the history of Blenheim in ‘London Calling – Voices from 50 years of social action’.