Blenheim recognises the value of meaningful partnerships and our current services are evidence of this commitment. We work in close partnership with providers from both statutory and voluntary sectors, other drug and alcohol service providers, criminal justice agencies, health professionals, ETE providers, as well as housing and community groups.

Joint working is an effective way of delivering positive outcomes for people who use our services, along with their families and local communities.

For us a successful partnership is dependent on mutual respect, effective communication and clear roles and responsibilities. The people who use our services are kept at the centre of all our activity and an understanding of other organisations’ cultures and priorities is essential.

Our approach to partnership working allows us to provide the best services possible through innovation and high quality practices.

We have established several formal strategic partnerships with other organisations including:

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Our strategic partnership with Thamesreach is an example of our successful partnerships and was praised by the Charity Commission in their annual report – Charity Commission Annual Report 09/10:

“Thamesreach and Blenheim are a great example of two charities taking a pragmatic approach to their work and seeing what can be gained by a pragmatic approach”.

We are always looking for new organisations to work in partnership with to deliver new services and to share knowledge and creativity. If you are interested in discussing possible partnership work please contact our Business Growth Team on or 020 7582 2200.