Dr Matthew Johnson – Medical Director


Dr Matthew Johnson graduated from Bristol University Medical School in 1983 and completed vocational training for General Practice in 1990. Has worked in a variety of treatment settings for drug and alcohol misusers including North Camden Drug Services, Addaction in Derby, Cleveland Street Needle Exchange, Private Practice, and NHS General Practice. Was a trainer for the intial year of the RCGP diploma, and sat on the NTA in its first year of operations. Currently is a Principal in General Practice at Fitzrovia Medical Centre in Central London which provides a shared care drugs/alcohol service. He is currently Chair of the local GP Federation.

As Medical Director, Dr Johnson chairs Blenheim’s Clinical Governance Committee which feeds directly into the Board of Trustees. This committee oversees clinical practice and interventions across the organisation with a focus on Safe Guarding, Incident Reporting and SUI Investigations. He also oversees the Clinical Supervision arrangements for all medical staff employed by Blenheim, and works in local areas where we work in partnership with Primary Care providers.