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Keep Calm at Christmas

This Christmas and New Year, Blenheim and Humankind are running a campaign offering advice to party goers to “Keep calm at Christmas” over the festive period.

December is often a busy time of meeting up with family, friends and colleagues where it’s easy to find ourselves drinking more than usual. For some, this pattern of drinking can become exhausting and at worse dangerous. On Mad Friday – one of the busiest party nights of the year – in December 2016, the number of alcohol-related calls to the London Ambulance Service reached 273 in one night alone.

Among the campaign’s Top Tips to Stay Safe this Christmas include not giving in to peer pressure, drinking at your own pace and making sure you have planned how to get home safely.

The campaign runs alongside advice designed to help people look after their emotional and mental wellbeing over the Christmas period which can be an isolating and stressful time. These tips are focused on how to manage feelings of loneliness and depression as well as the everyday pressures that can seem or become worse during the festive season. To find out more about how you can look after your wellbeing this Christmas, take a look at our blog post.


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