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An Open Letter to Those Struggling With Mental Health

Recently, the media has spotlighted the topic of mental health, as it should be understood, as a HEALTH issue. In some respects, however, mental health is still quite stigmatized and even a taboo topic. This notion is utterly and completely wrong. Talking to others and reaching out to those who have opened their arms to […]

Don’t forget to stay safe

If you are using heroin remember these steps to help you stay safe. Drug supplies change, test first What’s in your drugs can change frequently and your dealer doesn’t always know what’s in them or how powerful they can be. Start with a small amount or inject slowly to test first Try not to use alone If possible, use with others and take it in turns to use. Using alone is much more risky as there is no one to look out for you if you overdose. Look out for signs of overdose An overdose won’t always look the same but some of the signs to look out for are: Falling unconscious Very light shallow breathing or no breathing Loud raspy ‘snoring’ or gurgling Blue or […]

Halloween Party!

Insight Platform hosted a spooky Halloween party with families from across Haringey. The afternoon included; fancy dress, refreshments and games for families that are affected by drug or alcohol use. Children enjoyed decorating their own scary cupcakes and doing lots fun and creative activities together. Sandra Duhaney, Service Manager, said: “Everyone had a great time […]

Taking Fundraising to New Heights

He’s taking fundraising to new heights! On the 16th of September, Jack Flower will be fundraising for Blenheim by completing a sponsored skydive. Through his Just Giving campaign, Jack has invited friends and family to sponsor his daring skydive by making donations, all of which will go directly to Blenheim and its services. Jack will be raising […]

Celebrating Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, a time to celebrate recovery and the everyday accomplishments, more so than any other month. This year’s theme is “Roads to Recovery,” which represents the individual journey service users take while working towards recovery.

Interning at Blenheim – CASA Alcohol

Gabby joined Blenheim as an intern from the Global Experiences programme. In this Blenheim Blog, she shares some of her experiences working for CASA Alcohol and the differences she’s noticed in drug and alcohol services since working in the UK.

A day at the University of Roehampton

Ohenewaa has recently joined Blenheim’s Business Growth team, who pursue new and exciting opportunities for Blenheim’s growth and development. Blenheim has been working with the neuroscience academics at the University of Roehampton, including developing an online ‘Meet the Brain’ module which will launch this summer. Last week, Ohenewaa visited the University to learn more about […]