Corporate Partnerships

Your company’s expertise and enthusiasm can really make a difference to the people that use our services. Could you volunteer an afternoon to help people prepare for an interview? Could you sponsor an event, support our cause on social media, or nominate us as your charity of the year?

Blenheim is a dynamic charity that is passionate about involving like-minded organisations who understand the importance of our impact on the community. We work across London to reduce the harm that drug and alcohol misuse causes individuals, and help these individuals reach their full potential. We welcome the opportunity for you to work with us, and you too can make a difference in your community. With your company’s experience and our expertise in enabling people to overcome obstacles to become working members of society, together we can help make London a better place!

A corporate partnership with Blenheim can benefit your company by:

  • Strengthening the motivation and engagement of a talented workforce. It can be an invaluable experience for people to share their skills. This can be even more rewarding when it involves helping (and often learning something from) others who have had very challenging life experiences.
  • Increasing your company’s impact on the local community. Each of our services are tailored to benefit their communities. By becoming a partner with Blenheim, you will be given a variety of opportunities to have a real impact on your community and people around you.
  • Enhancing the media and customer perception of your brand. We will work with you to share your involvement with us in whichever way you would like. Partnering with Blenheim can improve your reputation, spread the word of your corporate responsibility and make your company outshine its competitors.

If you are interested in working with us or would like any further information contact Helen Deeson on 020 7582 2200.

We are proud to be supported by Complete I.T as their charity of the year in 2014.

Colin Blumenthal, Managing Director of Complete I.T, said “We are really pleased to be working to raise money and offer support to Blenheim during their 50th anniversary year.

All our employees are excited to be getting into the fundraising efforts and we’ve already raised over £300 by raffling BRIT tickets donated by one our suppliers.”