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Haringey Recovery Service

Haringey Recovery Service provides advice, training and support for those in recovery from alcohol or drug misuse. You can train for a new career, attend therapy sessions, try a new hobby or get help with housing issues, all within a vibrant community that is there to provide help and support. Find out more on the […]

HAGA Family Service

At HAGA Family Service we support people affected by the drug or alcohol problems of someone close to them. We aim to help you cope with the difficult situation you are in and when appropriate we will help you support the person using into treatment and recovery. Find out more on the HAGA website.

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HAGA Alcohol Service

At HAGA Alcohol Service we provide a wide range of help and support for Haringey residents who are concerned about their drinking or of someone close to them. Our service is open to people aged 18 or above. HAGA has different services to meet people’s needs. Our aim is to help you make a positive […]


Shine is a community-led space to shine; a place for people in Haringey to grow ideas, businesses and networks through workspace and events. Shine is an enterprise space providing opportunities for people in the recovery from alcohol issues and local people to meet people, share ideas, grow small businesses, and enjoy arts and events. Find […]

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Image of the inside of the Grove service | Blenheim CDP

The Grove

At The Grove we provide a free and confidential service offering advice, information and structured treatment to Haringey residents who are facing problems with drugs and/or alcohol. Our service is open to people who are aged 18 or above. We offer a range of recovery focused services.

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Insight Platform

At Insight Platform we offer a free, friendly and confidential young people’s support service. We provide information, advice and help to children and young people up to the age of 21 who are living with or affected by drug or alcohol issues. Our service is open to children and young people living in Haringey. We […]

Talk to Frank & NHS Choices

If we don’t have services in your area, there’s lots more help available. If you are living in London, we have provided details of each borough's local Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT). Each area across the UK has a DAAT, who can provide up to date details of the local services available in your area. If you are living outside London, you can use Google to search for the DAAT team which is local to you.