My internship at Blenheim, a charity passionate about positive change

Rachel joined Blenheim as an intern towards the end of May and was with us for six weeks. Below, she shares some of what she learnt during her experience as an intern in London…

I came to London expecting to find an excessive amount of tea and rainy days. And I did, along with so much more.

At Blenheim, I found friends, passion, kindness, and an extraordinary example of what a charity in pursuit of social justice should look like. I was granted a plethora of meaningful opportunities that made me feel vital to the Marketing and Communications team. I will be forever grateful to Blenheim for making my time here an once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with important work, laughs, and a renewed passion to work with voluntary organisations.

As my time in London comes to an end, I wanted to take a quick moment and list a few things I’ve learned whilst interning at Blenheim:

  1. Passion is the driving force for working in a non-profit: Blenheim’s CEO, John Jolly, serves as the perfect example of a passionate leader dedicated to ensuring Blenheim makes an impact. As someone dedicated to working in civil society, I’ve learned that passion inspires change.
  2. Confidence is key: Coming to work in London is intimidating. As an American student, I had no idea what kind of tasks I would have as an intern. My first few days at Blenheim, I was nervous, and it reflected in the quality of my early assignments. As I gained more confidence and believed in myself, I was turning in better work I could be proud of. I’ve learned that everyone has it in them to succeed. It’s whether or not we believe in our potential that determines our success.
  3. Be yourself: Finding that balance of being professional but still being ‘you’ is difficult. In America, work-culture is strictly professional. In London, there is a healthy balance of both. In showcasing my personality, I bonded with people more than I would have just churning out tasks. Blenheim has given me the opportunity to be myself in a professional environment, in turn making my time here so special.

Today is my last day as a Blenheim intern, and I can truly say that I am sad to go. The warmth from my co-workers, the meaningful projects worked on, and the feeling that I’m making a difference through this organisation is an experience I’ll always cherish

I strongly urge anyone who is looking to better their community whilst renewing their outlook on life to volunteer at an organisation like Blenheim. To contribute to a charity that is a leading force in inspiring change in alcohol and substance misuse has been an incredibly valuable opportunity.

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