Blenheim Launches New Service User Involvement Strategy 2018-2020

Today Blenheim launches a new service user involvement strategy to improve and expand opportunities for involvement throughout the organisation for those who use our services.

This strategy will embed diversity, equality, and inclusion within our culture and ensure that Blenheim is open to all service users regardless of their background.

Blenheim believes that service users can play an integral role in shaping services to ensure they are an effective, accessible, welcoming and safe environment for everyone.  To achieve meaningful service user inclusion we will be improving a number of measures across the organisation such as:

  • The creation of opportunities for service users to be included in consultations regarding the design and development of services
  • The creation of opportunities to ‘mystery shop’ services and feedback to improve the quality of services and to ensure that the service user experience stays central to service delivery
  • The option to become a Blenheim ambassador – representing Blenheim in a range of forums, such as, when meeting funders, presenting bids, representing Blenheim to the media
  • The ability for service users to attend internal meetings such as team meetings and board meetings or to take part in recruitment interviews
  • To involve service users closely with the Communications Team by reviewing internal and external communication

Sharon Daughter, Director of Services, said:

“We recognise that there are many barriers to accessing drug and alcohol treatment and some of these may be based on feeling excluded or the belief that services are exclusive. This strategy will address that problem and enshrine Blenheim’s commitment to promoting equality of opportunity. From an operational standpoint, heightened service user involvement will provide new ideas to improving our practices which in turn will enhance our outputs across the board.”

Click here to read the full Service User Involvement Strategy 2018 -2020

For more information please contact Helen Deeson, Marketing and Communications Manager

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