Discussing challenges with a collective voice

Blenheim, part of Humankind is an active member of Collective Voice.

We are pleased to announce that Collective Voice will be holding three events to bring people together from across the treatment and recovery system to discuss local challenges and hear about our new strategy and plans for the future!

At a time of great political uncertainty these events will provide a forum for discussion about the challenges and opportunities that exist – and a chance to discuss how the organisation can best support the sector in the future. Read more:

·         London – Tuesday 29 October

·         Halifax – Friday 8 November

·         Nottingham – Friday 15 November

Collective Voice is the national alliance of drug and alcohol treatment charities. It was created in 2015 by voluntary sector organisations coming together to ensure the voice of the the drug and alcohol treatment sector, and the people who use its services, was heard in policy and political discussions. We have witnessed first hand the transformative power of treatment and support, not just to the person getting help but to their families and communities and want to make sure that as many people as possible benefit from this help.

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