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Enough alcohol sold in England for every drinker to consume 50% more than guideline levels

Alcohol Health Alliance UK has just published the below press release with new figures on the purchase of alcohol in England. You can read the full release here.

New figures published today reveal that enough alcohol is being sold in England and Wales for every drinker to consume 21 units of alcohol a week – far more than the low-risk level of 14 units per week for both men and women recommended by the UK’s chief medical officers.

The figures reveal that the situation is even worse in Scotland, with enough alcohol being sold for every drinker to consume 24 units a week.

The data was released by NHS Health Scotland, who also looked at consumption in England and Wales in order to compare patterns across the UK.

Roughly speaking, a regular-strength pint of beer and a 175ml glass of wine both contain 2 units of alcohol.

To tackle high levels of alcohol-related deaths and illness, Scotland is set to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol, which would raise the price of the cheapest alcohol products which do the most harm. The Scottish government passed minimum unit pricing over 5 years ago, though implementation of the measure has so far been delayed due to legal challenges from the alcohol industry.

Minimum unit pricing formed part of the Westminster government’s alcohol strategy in 2012, though has yet to be implemented in England and Wales.

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