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Hepatitis C is curable and could be eliminated in 15 years

Blenheim together with the Hepatitis C Trust has published a full-page advert in the September edition of Politics First, which is out today. The advert asserts that hepatitis C is curable and could be eliminated in 15 years with the Governments support.

John Jolly, CEO at Blenheim said, “We have placed this advert because it is absolutely unacceptable that half of those living with hepatitis C are still undiagnosed and a mere 3% of those infected are treated each year.”

The advert will raise the issue that hepatitis C is a major cause of liver disease, one of the 5 big killers in the UK, and that it is scandalous that only 3% of people with hepatitis C receive treatment, with deaths from the disease continuing to rise.

Hepatitis C affects some of the most marginalised in society making it a major health inequalities issue.

The advert argues that the Government can make a difference by taking steps to prevent, test and treating hepatitis C.

The organisations call on Government to:

  • Train the healthcare workforce in hepatitis C prevention messages and improve data collection in relation to hepatitis C.
  • Incentivise the early testing and diagnosis of hepatitis C in primary and secondary care.
  • Allow rapid introduction of effective new treatments, and ensure care pathways are in place.

Blenheim are working hard on improving their internal data but believe currently 12% of those at Blenheim recorded as having hepatitis C are in treatment. We are acting to ensure that from now on we accurately record whether people are accessing hepatitis C treatment services. You can read more about what Blenheim are doing here.

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