Launch of the updated Drugs & Alcohol National Occupational Standards

13 Feb 2014

Carole Sharma, Chair of the project Steering Group and CEO of the Federation of Drugs & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) said: ‘the continued development of competent practitioners, volunteers, managers and commissioners in the substance use sector is crucial for the delivery of high quality services which meet the needs of the individuals and communities we serve. FDAP is committed to promoting the use of National Occupational Standards such as DANOS to underpin workforce development within the sector.’

The Drugs & Alcohol NOS (often referred to as DANOS) are widely used by substance use workers as part of qualifications, training and development programmes and role development for both substance use workers and service user support workers. Although the standards are not mandatory (Blenheim believes they should be), it is envisaged that they will be adopted and developed as a powerful resource for those delivering a skilled and high-quality adult substance use services.

The Standards were developed by Skills for Health as part of a UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) funded project and provide guidance on good practice for those working in substance use services across the health, social care and justice sectors.
NOS can be used for a variety of workforce activities to support employers and employees. Examples include creating role profiles and job descriptions, developing education and training programmes, services design and delivery and a range of workforce development activities.

Blenheim supported the process of updating DANOS and the working group undertaking the detailed work of reviewing and amending NOS was chaired by John Jolly, Blenheim’s CEO.

John Jolly says “The new DANOS is a far more concise and reflects the competence requirements for those working in the drug and alcohol sector in the UK in the 21st century. Thanks are due to Skills for Health, the steering group for the project and most of all the members of the Working Party from across the 4 UK nations who assisted with much of the detailed work.”

“Those employing people working with people using drugs and alcohol along with umbrella organisations and regulators need to take action to ensure that staff are fully compliant and aware of the new standards.” John Jolly continued.

For more information please visit the Skills for Health website.

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