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Mindful Drinking Guide: The Results

Last year, Blenheim collaborated with Club Soda on a new project to encourage more mindful drinking. The goal of the project is to help people cut back on their drinking by giving them opportunities to choose healthier options where they would normally drink alcohol. This is accomplished by changing the behaviour of licensed venues, encouraging them to provide better low and no alcohol options.

This pub and bar guide pilot project is now complete with 250 venues across the UK already signed up and more joining every week. The guide provided pubs and bars with a self-assessment of their low and no alcoholic options, as well as information and tips on how to improve their offerings and engagement with customers who wish to cut back on their drinking.

The public reaction of the guide has continued to be positive. Club Soda was invited to speak about the guide at the Morning Advertiser’s MA500 event for pub chains in Liverpool, and the guide has also been shortlisted for a Sustainable City award! The Sustainable City Awards recognise and reward the best practice in environmental management and sustainable leadership.

You can download and read the full Building a Mindful Drinking Movement report here.

For more information on Blenheim’s mindful drinking collaboration with Club Soda, click here.

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