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New drug and alcohol service in Haringey

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey NHS Mental Health Trust (BEH), Blenheim and BUBIC have won the contract to deliver Haringey Council’s and NHS Haringey CCG’s new drug and alcohol treatment service for adults.

The contract builds on the high quality, effective services currently delivered by the partners in Haringey, aiming to reach more residents with services that can tackle any form of addiction.

The service will continue to provide drug and alcohol support through specialist teams that understand the different needs of alcohol and drug users. BUBIC will bring a fresh new approach to getting these services to residents and supporting them through the recovery journey.

Haringey residents will also benefit from Don’t Bottle It Up, an interactive online tool that allows people to check how risky their drinking is, access personalised advice online and find out where they can get support locally.

Haringey Council Commissioner said: “I want to thank the service users who were part of the creation of the new service. We were delighted with the proposals from the successful bidders, what stood out for us was their unparalleled local knowledge, excellent clinical experience and a new way of working around every services users strengths. With BUBIC on board this is not going to be your usual 9—5 drug and alcohol service.”

BEH Chief Executive, Jinjer Kandola said: “We’re pleased that we will continue to work with three partners who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to this vital work supporting and treating people who misuse drug and alcohol in Haringey. What happens outside the treatment room is just as important in sustained recovery as any therapy or other treatment. That’s why we’re delighted that our partners will be supporting these service users to find and keep jobs or take up education or training.”

Sharon Daughter, Director of Services for Blenheim said: “This partnership combines decades of experience, expertise and invaluable resources to provide the local community with a safe and supportive environment to get help with alcohol and drug misuse. Blenheim are thrilled to be able to continue our work in Haringey and look forward to developing our partners to help more people along their road of recovery.”

BUBIC Chief Executive, Lanre Babalola said: “BUBIC are pleased to be part of the new recovery service and are looking forward to making sure recovery is about EVERY day.”
The new service will go live on 4th February 2019.

Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust is a large provider of integrated mental health and community health services in north London. The Trust currently employs more than 2,900 staff and has an annual income of £193 million.

Blenheim is a leading charity that provides support to drug and alcohol users, families and carers across London for over 50 years. Each of our services provides free, friendly, and non-judgmental support that not only improves the health of the individual, but has a lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of their families, friends and communities in which they live.

BUBIC is an award winning community-based organisation that provides support for drug users, ex-drug users, their family and friends.

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