Our Impact 2017/2018

Today we publish our 2017-2018 Impact Report detailing our activities over the year. Through the hard work of all our staff and volunteers  we have not only improved the health and wellbeing of over 11,000 individuals but continue to have a lasting, positive impact on the wellbeing of their families, friends and communities in which they live.

Our report highlights how we have gone above and beyond throughout the year to better support our service users in a multitude of ways. Read on to find out all about our commitment to campaigning for legislative change, our drive to innovate, and our ambitious vision for the future.

Key headlines from the report:

  • We provided support to over 11,000 people across London
  • We provided support to 1,480 young people across London
  • 96% of our service users were happy with happy with treatment they received
  • 94% of our service users would recommend us to others
  • 90% of service users at risk of eviction were secure in their homes when they left our services.
  • Nearly 60% of people that were using opiates were abstinent or had significantly improved in their first six months of treatment.
  • We helped over one third of our service users to enjoy a better quality of life by the time they left treatment.
  • We have used our position within the Cross Party Parliamentary Group on Drugs, Alcohol and Justice and involvement with Collective Voice to campaign tirelessly on issues around Naloxone, hepatitis C, stigma, and the failings in the transition from custody to the community experienced by prisoners requiring treatment for drugs or alcohol.

Please click here to read the full report

If you would like any further information please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Helen Deeson, h.deeson@blenheimcdp.org.uk



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