Pavement2Catwalk presents SOZO

Pavement2Catwalk has collaborated with Blenheim to produce a controversial new play exploring homelessness, addiction, disability, mental health and gender.Pavement2Catwalk

SOZO was written and produced by Donald Waugh, who founded Pavement2Catwalk and hopes to inspire disadvantaged communities through theatre. The play takes place in a typical high street in inner city London, where the fabric of the local community is unravelling and slowly morphing into deprivation.

He play tells the story of four volunteers at a local charity shop, a saviour for the community, as they begin to struggle without funding. The cast of SOZO is made up of people working with Blenheim and Tuning Point to overcome drug or alcohol abuse, allowing them to tap into their creative and expressive side, which can play a vital role in recovery.


You can buy tickets for Sozo here.


Chelsea Theatre, 7 World’s End Place, King’s Road, London, SW10 0DR


Wednesday 17 May – Sunday 21 May


7:30pm (Wed-Sat)

6:00pm (Sun)


Full Price: £10                                    Concession: £8


Donald Waugh, founder of Pavement2Catwalk, said: “I was inspired to put on this project by the joy of fusing different types of people together that wouldn’t normally connect to share an experience. It’s about breaking down barriers to create something truly magical.”

John Jolly, CEO of Blenheim, said: “It’s wonderful that those benefiting from Blenheim’s services have been given this opportunity to express themselves in a creative way, building their confidence and aiding their recovery.”


  • Pavement2Catwalk is a social enterprise founded by Donald Waugh – inspiring disadvantaged communities through fashion, art, film, photography and theatre.
  • Donald recognises the positive effects arts has on rehabilitation and aims to use Pavement2Catwalk to harness the endless outlets of creativity to support rehabilitation.
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