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R3 – New Drug and Alcohol Service for Redbridge

A new Drug and Alcohol treatment service opens in Redbridge today (1 May 2015). R3 is a one stop service which provides advice, treatment and support to people whose lives are affected by drug and alcohol use including prescribed and over the counter medications (OTC). The name R3 represents Redbridge, Recovery and Reintegration.

East London NHS Foundation Trust will provide the service in partnership with Blenheim CDP: a London-based voluntary sector organisation and Redbridge Outreach Service: an established local provider delivering services in Redbridge since 2011.

The new partnership will bring together the best of NHS care and governance combined with the expertise of the voluntary sector, in addition to, local knowledge and experience. It will be a one-stop service irrespective of the type of substance(s) used by the individual and replaces the previous model that was perceived as fragmented and complex. The new simplified treatment system will be easily accessible (being centrally located in Ilford) and will be offering a comprehensive menu of evidenced-based treatment interventions with new specialisms such as Clinical Psychology input.

Service Manager, Eamonn Devlin, said,

The R3 Redbridge Recovery and Reintegration service will be a one-stop place for advice, care and treatment. We are here to support people to make the changes they want to make – whether they are someone drinking a bottle of wine every evening or somebody who has become seriously reliant on drugs.

No one sets out to become dependent on alcohol or drugs and it can be hard to take control and turn the situation around. We are not here to judge anyone. We will treat everyone with respect and support them every step of the way to get back on track with their lives.”

The service is based in Ilford Chambers in Ilford town centre. Individuals can refer themselves simply by walking in or calling. Or they can ask their doctor or another professional to refer them. The service will take referrals from health and social care professionals, probation services, the police, court services and youth services.

R3 is open Monday to Friday from 10am-5.30pm with a late evening opening on Tuesday and Wednesday till 7.00pm.

Treatment plans are tailored to each individual but could involve further one-to-one sessions, therapy group sessions, peer support, day programmes, further medical assessment, medication, home alcohol detox, substitute prescribing, education, training and employment service and other interventions.

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