Young person from Insight KC talks to BBC Newsbeat about club drugs and mental health

On 24th August, BBC Newsbeat reported that club drugs, including increasingly strong ecstasy and MDMA, are causing the biggest risk to users’ mental health in decades. You can read the full article here.

  • ‘The number of people going to hospital for treatment for mental and behavioural issues after taking stimulants in the UK is rising.
  • In England, the number of hospital admissions for this has increased by 215% in the past 10 years.
  • In 2005/6 there were 1,514 admissions rising to 4,770 by 2014/15.
  • In Scotland and Northern Ireland there was a similar increase, but in Wales after rising at a similar level there was a small decrease last year.’

BBC Newsbeat spoke to two young people about their experiences, who agree that the drugs they take are getting stronger and the negative effects are happening more. A young person from Insight KC speaks about how club drugs affected his mental health.

For more information about the effects and risks of MDMA/ecstasy, you can look at our factsheet, or our factsheets for young people.

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