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We provide a range of recovery services designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families, friends and communities. We are committed to providing free, friendly and non-judgemental advice, support and treatment for people facing drug or alcohol related problems. Search for services in your area using the map below, or click here to see all our services in the south. You can also download information about the services that we provide, as well as inspiring stories of recovery.

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If we don't have services in your borough, there's lots more help available. Find out where else you can get help with drug and alcohol issues.

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If we don’t have services in your area, there’s lots more help available. If you are living in London, we have provided details of each borough's local Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT). Each area across the UK has a DAAT, who can provide up to date details of the local services available in your area. If you are living outside London, you can use Google to search for the DAAT team which is local to you.